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Mini Glow Pack
Mini Glow Pack

Be Transcendent

Mini Glow Pack


Small in size, but all the value and ability to make your skin healthy and radiant, as our Glow Full Collection. The MiniGlow Pack is made with all the same ingredients as the 4-ounce bottles, consist of the Recharge Cleanser, Balance Toner, and Nourish Day Moisturizer. Compact and easy to travel with or just the perfect way to try our products. 

Select your skin-type below, to ensure that the product is compatible to your skin-type. 


Is this collection for me?

Absolutely! Each of the 3 products included in this collection is tailored with Your specific skin-type in mind. 

Which skin-types are you referring to? 

Normal/Dry, Oily & Combination are the 3 skin-types we create products for.


Unsure of your specific skin-type?

Take our free skin-type analysis and find out!


**This collection can last up to 4 weeks

The Be Transcendent Promise. Everything I create is truly made with the best natural ingredients. No added preservatives, fillers, dyes or funny business of any sort.

Ingredient Glossary

Almond Oil

Contains; Fatty acids that aid your skin in retaining moisture, Vitamin E and keeps your skin cells healthy, all while protecting your skin from UV radiation damage. 


Contains; Antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Babassu also helps with free radicals that cause premature aging.  


Highly concentrated in antioxidants, to help treat multiple skin conditions and fatty acids that contain the building blocks for healthy skin cells. 

Castile Soap

Natural antibacterial properties that will help kill the bacteria that can cause acne.

Cypress Oil

Aides in skins sebum production, to help oily and acne prone skin fight against acne.

Willow Bark  

Contains a natural form of Salicylic Acid, helping to fight of ance and slough off dead skin cells. Making way for healthy and radiant skin.

Juniper Oil

Contains natural antiseptic, astringent properties to help remove bacteria and build up to minimize pores. 

Geranium Oil 

Used to treat acne, reduce inflammation and promote radiant skin. 

Rose Water

A gentle and effective solution to removing dirt and oil from pores, without irritating skin or stripping skin of its natural oils. 

Vitamin E

Free radicals can slow the healing process of the damaged, or dehydrated skin. Vitamin E helps to prepare acne scars and other scars on the skin. 

Sage Oil

Promotes healthy well-balanced skin, and antibacterial properties. 

Myrrh Oil

Contains astringent properties and known to strengthen and restore the skin cells. 


A natural antibacterial, that also contains antioxidants to combat signs of premature aging. Honey also has properties that help even and soothe skin complexion.

Ylang-ylang Oil 

Contains properties that balance excess oil production on the skin.

Safflower Oil

Rich in linoleic acid, which oily and combination skin type individuals are deficient in. And it can also improve the barrier function of the skin when it is compromised by the essential fatty acid deficiency. 

Frankincense Oil

Help reduce acne blemishes, minimize the appearance of pores and help protect skin cells. 

Aloe Vera Gel 

Contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation, and soothes the skin. Aloe vera gel is also a great humectant. 

White Beeswax

Natural skin protectant that soothes and hydrates.







Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

I've been using the mini glow kit for less than a month and I can already see the difference in my skin. My face is super soft and has a nice glow!!

Love this Product

I decided to order this mini after looking on the Internet for products for African-American with dark spots. These products have worked beyond my expectations. My skin is noticeably cleaner(according to my daughters) and smoother. Customer Service is great also, had a problem when my order arrived, but it was taken care of promptly. That’s extremely important to me, being a business owner myself. I have not used the night serum, but I will DEFINITELY order this product for my future use.

Best products ever

I recently began using the full size glow pack, but in preparation for vacation, I decided to order the mini glow pack. Smaller size of course but the quality is the same as the full size glow pack. I love the way the products make my skin feel. I think the moisturizer is my fave!


Face been Glowing ever since I start using my Glow pack thank you 🤙🏾

Mini Glow Pack

Immaculate customer service and an even better product. Words cannot describe how happy I am.

Mini Glow Pack

Mini Glow Pack


Let customers speak for us

250 reviews
Holy Grail!

I’ve seriously found my new holy grail with this one. It + the toner has made my skin look so refreshed and hydrated. It even provides a flawless base for my makeup, so I no Longer need to prime.

Realignment Night Serum

Realignment Night Serum

Night serum on point

Oh Em Gee. I Love the night serum. It’s light weight & absorbs wonderfully. I have the normal - dry skin. Helps the process in the winter with a overnight routine. I may use it under makeup as well after a toner.


I tried out a new product because I ran out of this cleanser and had an allergic reaction to all the chemicals in it. It made my skin the worst it had ever been. I was worried that my skin would never be the same. I started using this & it brought my skin back to equilibrium. It’s more clear & glowy than ever. I love that this product is made with natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals. Thank you so much for such a wholesome product! Your skin will really transcend using this :)